Youmu Shenjian Pai (archery)

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Youmu Shenjian Pai (Nomad style of archery)

The art of archery, has an ancient past that is lost in the mists of time. Heritage of most people on  earth,  to  those  helped  in  it´s  growth  and  development,  has  accompanied  humans  in every day activities such as hunting or fishing, martial arts or simple pastime. Its practice, full of symbolic elements, has extended in some cases profound mysticism which has led it, to be appreciated equally by scholars and intellectuals.

You Mu Shen Jian Pai, literally "nomadic style archery", is fruit of my concern and personal passion in the practice of traditional archery. Drink from sources as diverse as archery Arabic,Turkish, Chinese, or Mongolian and pays tribute to all peoples that, in antiquity circulated bythe Eurasian steppes. Also aims to set up a complete training system combining aspects suchas improved health, philosophy of life and entertainment. Similarly offers the ability to recallvital sensations of a common past, in it´s ideals of beauty and freedom.  

In that way I invite to my students and everybody who want to reach us practicing through regular trainings and seminars.