Styles and forms

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Styles and forms

Chen Shi Taiji Quan

Since the original practice of Master Chen Wanting are officially recognized, five schools of Taiji Quan, also every school has several variants, in Chen style  we can at least include:

Laojia 0f  Dajia: Old school of the great chain of Master Chen Chanxing (14th generation). Extensive movements and postures. Great use of Fajing (explosive force

Xinjia of Xiaojia: New school of the small chain of Master Chen Youben (14th generation). Of small circles and elastic movements and limited use of Fajing

Zhaobaojia: From the original Xiao Jia Chen Qingping (15th generation) created a variant, practiced in the village of Zhaobao style also known as He style, or Hejia,  of small and intricate movements.

Huleijia: The style of "Thunder" original of Li Jingyan a student of Chen Qingping, which combined the original Zhaobao, with a style called  Yun Chi Chui, wich was (also nowadays) practiced mainly in the town near Chenjiagou, Wangedun. Jerky movements and spectacular techniques of Fajing.

Xinjia the Dajia: New school of the great chain. Original of  Master Chen Fake (17th generation) this school has big movements, spectacular Fajing techniques and heavy use of Chansijing movements (strength of the silk thread) where Qinna techniques (dislocations) are evident.

Yang Shi Taiji Quan of Yang Luchan

Yang luchan (1799 - 1872)

Also called Yang Fukui, was born in the town of Yongnian, Hebei province. According to the tradition was the first foreigner to be initiated into the practice of Taiji Quan. Yang Luchan would be the creator of what later became the school of Taiji Quan. His fascinating story, and not without controversy, seems taken from a swashbuckling romance.

From humble beginnings and orphaned at the age of ten,  at such a tender age survived working as a servant in the house of Chen Dehu a landlord living in Chenjiagou.At the time Master Chen Chanxin was teaching Taiji Quan in the courtyard of the Chen Sehu's house. During their work Tang Lu Chan often watched fascinated as Master Chen Chanxing taught his classes. Almost a family member he had no big trouble to being accepted as a student. Persevering and especially skillful in the practice eventually became an accomplished expert in Taiji Quan. After the death of Chen Dehu, staying nearly thirty years within the Chen family, and following the death of his master, was sent to his hometown Yongnian. In his farewell Master Chen Chanxing said that as accomplished martial arts expert should not ever fear that he lacked food and shelter.