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Masters of Tai Chi Chuan

Master Chen Xiao Wang Master Chen Xiao Wang (1946) Born in Chenjiagou, started in the practice of Taiji Quan, with his father Chen Zhaoxu son of Chen Fake, After the death of his father, went to Chenjiagou to train with his uncle in Chen Zhaopi  the Lao Jia. Finally, after the latter's death in 1972, passes another train with his uncle Chen Zhaokui, who introduced him to  the Xin Jia (New School) branch developed by Chen Fake, his grandfather during his teaching in Beijing. From his youth, noted especially for his ability and excellent technical quality, won numerous competitions, which are especially noteworthy, gold medals at the championships of China during the 80, 82 and 83 and the first world championship of Wu Shu, 1985 in the form of Taiji Quan, which took place in the town of Xian (China). Along with teachers Chen Zhenglei, Wang Xian and Zhu Tiancai, is considered one of the four Jin Gang (guardian deities of Buddhism) of Chenjiagou. Master Chen Xiao Wang has done extensive outreach and development of Taiji Quan. At the request of the government of the Republic of China developed two simplified forms of Chen style, one of 38 movements and one from 19. Participated in various martial arts films as an actor, and also directed other films in the martial aspect of them, for example "The disciple of Shaolin," "The spirit of Taiji Quan Kung Fu," "The beggar prodigious". He has been invited by many important figures and presidents of several countries. She goes to Spain every year to give seminars at the request of his disciples in Spain, Luciano Vida and José Luís Serra. Nowadays regarded as the guardian of the style,his technical and human quality has led him to be recognized by China as a national treasure and was recently awarded the 9th tuan Wu Shu, for his continued efforts to disseminate traditional Chinese culture.