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Shuai Jiao, masters

Master Yuan Zumou (1940)

Master Yuan Zumou, is a native of Jiang Shu Province in China. Passionate of Shuai Jiao, begins his practice at the age of 14 years with the famous Shanghai's Master Song Zhengpu, which was called popularly, "who can not be touched" by his ability and effectiveness in combat.

Some time later, would be devoted to the study of Qi Gong, alternating with the practice of the wrestling.

In 1958, enters the Shanghai Sports Institute, where he not only studied Shuai Jiao, but many of the closecombat systems as: wrestling, Greco-Roman, Judo, being graduated in 1963. A year later became national champion of Shuai Jiao and in 1965 was distinguished  as a national athlete .

In 1978 he was named 1st coach of Shanghai, for which he managed during his tenure until eight champions of China.

Moreover is a graduate coach for the FILA (International Amateur Wrestling Federation).

Since 1987, resides in Paris (France) where teaches Shuai Jiao Taiji Quan in the Senate in Paris, getting the position of  Shuai Jiao's national coach of France team .