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Juan Carlos Aceros (1979)

"I am a Colombian by birth and I was trained as a psychologist. I live in Spain since 2003. A year after my arrival I began practicing Yang style Taiji Quan. In 2005 I started in Chen style Taiji Quan with Jose Luis Serra. Wich practice I continued under his supervision. I also had the opportunity to attend seminars of Chen Style Taiji Quan with Grand Master Chen Xiaowang (in the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) and Chen Bing (2009) and Bagua Zhang with Master Wang Deming (2007).
Nowadays I am an active member of the "World Chen Taiji Quan Association Xiaowang Spain" and I am teaching in Barcelona, at the center "Sanoaktive" (for information on schedules, consult the Web"

Ricard Vela (1966)

I started in Taiji Quan in Catalonia Taoist association of  Tai Chi Master Moy Lin Shin in 1995, where I learned the complete form of 108 movements of Traditional Yang Style in consolidation of the Master Moy, whose seminars I regularly attended in summer courses. In the same school I served as a monitor for several years, acquiring notions of other internal martial arts as Liu He Ba Fa (Art of the six harmonies and eight methods).

Subsequently, I expanded my knowledge of the Yang style, participating in courses organized by various schools, also learnt the sword and the fan in its contemporary versions. During that time I traveled to China where I was learning at the Shanghai Sports University with Professor Zhu Tong.

In 2006 I started the practice and study of Chen family's Taiji Quan with Master José Luis Serra, direct disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. During these years, I have regularly attended the seminars of the Grandmaster,  summer courses taught by Master Serra and various seminars with other masters of the Chen family as Chen Ziqiang or Chen Bing.

Dami Moreno

I started my practice of Yang Style Taiji Quan in 1996, in a center of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. In 2000 I discovered  Chen style from the hand master José Luis Serra Flores whto taught it in Barcelona. From then until now I am student of him. During my training, I have attended various seminars conducted by master José Luis Serra as well as others with the great Master Chen Xiao Wang and other masters of the Chen family.

Since 2000 I've been teaching Taiji Quan to a group of students in a civic center in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Adopting the Chen style in 2008.



María Mangova

In 2004 I began my practice studying Qi Gong directed by the Russian teacher Natalya Yadryshnikova. Thanks to the invitations of her school I had the honor to know and practice with martial arts teachers from different countries, as Master Siaw Voon Sim  iof  Malaysia, and especially with the martial arts champion and Master Jose Luis Serra from Barcelona, as a specialist of the Chen family Taiji Quan, in Wutai his martial arts school, which since 2009 is located in Bratislava, Slovakia where I became an instructor of the style. To him I owe it, to their teaching and patience. As well as the seminars with Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.

The practice of Qi Gong and Taiji Quan have played an important role in my life, helping to break stereotypes and  opening up to new projects and career opportunities.




Carlos Guau

I began in the practice of Taiji Quan in 2005 with Master Jose Luis Serra. Since then I have enjoyed the practice of this martial discipline, wich  involves so many aspects, health, mind, selfdefence...

The Chen style specially, provides you physical strength, specially in the legs because of the lower postures and his dynamism, in the same way, also offers a wide variety of weapons compared to other styles of Taiji, making your practice more enjoyable, if possible.

During the nearly seven years of practice, I have participated in several seminars with masters of Chen Family (Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Bing and Chen Ziqiang) and in 2009 I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar in Chen village in China wich brought  a lot to me personally. During the last three years I have practiced new forms of Qigong through wich I could understand some concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and since 2009 I started teaching  under the supervision of Master José Luis Serra. This experience as well as the regular contact with students has given me a new perspective of art.