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The Chen family

According to extensive research conducted by the historian Tang Hao (1897-1959) in the thirties of  the last century, Taiji Quan has his origins in the village of Chenjiagou in the Chinese province of Henan. For what we must go back to the fourteenth century, a period in which Chen Bu, a farmer from Shanxi province, was recognized as the first ancestor of the Chen´s, who left for the province of Henan in search of new lands. From his peasant origins, we would expect to S. XVII in the person of Chen Wanting (1600 - 1680) old General, for the genesis of what eventually came to be called Taiji Quan.

Under the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644) Chinese martial arts or Zhong Guo Wu Shu, experienced an unexpected boom, and many styles were structured in force today, which undoubtedly we might call the "golden age of the Chinese martial arts .