The Slovak Association


Chen Xiao Wang Taijiquan World Association of Slovakia

Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association Slovakia, was founded with the purpose of preserving and promoting the teaching of Taijiquan on the legacy of  Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang in the Slovak territory, carrying out activities (meetings, conferences, seminars) designed for this purpose. Likewise, is open to anyone who wants to start the practice of Chen Family Taijiquan,  in to the branch of the Grand Master, the same way to all those who are already practicing it and want to join us in a common effort.

Master José Luis Serra (1961), a native of Barcelona (Spain) starts in the practice of Chinese martial arts in 1980, from the hand of the master Lam Chuen Ping , founder in the same year, the Institute of Wu Shu in Barcelona.

In 1986, received the degree of instructor, in Hung Gar Kung Fu remaining as teacher of Wu Shu in this facility until 1999. In the same year obtained the degree in acupuncture and moxibustion and one year after the Diploma in Tuina and Chiropractice  which combines with the teaching of Wu Shu.

In 1983 began the practice of Taijiquan with a classmate, since then  he practiced with many Taijiquan teachers in Spain and abroad, in Yang and chen styles, not satisfate at all with the results, in 1998 travelled to China, to Chenjiagou village where was introduced into the traditional practice of the Chen family by Master Chen Shi Tong.
Since then during 5 years travelled regularly to Chen village, until Master Chen Shi Tong suffered a serious health issues wich prevent him to continue with the practice.  After that, Deeply affected by his loss, at the request of his friend Luciano Vida a practitioner of Chen style of the branch of Master Chen Xiao Wang, gave him the opportunity to practice with him.  Asking for permission to Master Chen Shi Tong to be taught by Master Chen Xiao Wang, met him in London, England in 2003. Been finally accepted as a internal disciple in 2006 in the first official ceremony "Kow Tow" in the temple of the Chen family in Chenjiagou village.



José Luis Serra Is a founding member with Luciano Vida of the Chen Xiao Wang World Taiji Quan Spain. Association responsible for the promotion and dissemination of Chen style Taiji Quan in Spain, especially in the line of Master Chen Xiao Wang.

After his marriage in 2009 José Luis Serra moved to Slovakia and in 2010 founded the Chen Xiao Wang World Taiji Quan Slovakia, continuing with the work of promotion of the Master Chen Xiao Wang's School

Currently Jose Luis Serra holds the 6th Dan Wu Shu, by The Chinese Wu Shu Association.