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WUTAI Center of wu shu, kung fu, Taiji, Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine

The school Wutai was founded in 2000 by Master José Luis Serra as a center dedicated to the dissemination of traditional Chinese culture. His philosophy focuses primarily on improving aspects of health, as well as teaching traditional Chinese martial arts. His creation seeks to spread knowledge treasured by Master José Luis Serra, 6th tuan Wu Shu and Traditional Chinese Medicine terapeut, after 35 years of practice in these disciplines with known Masters all around the world and more of 25 years of experience in teaching.

Wutai offers regular classes for children and adults, in the subjects: Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chen and Yang styles, Qi Gong, Shuai Jiao and Xingyi Quan as well as Chinese Medicine consultation. It also offers regular seminars and weekend activities in the areas mentioned above.



Wu Tai Shan literally means "Mountain of the 5 summits, Mount Wu Tai Shan in China's Shanxi Province, has for centuries enthralled mystics, scholars and travelers.  Originally a Taoist cult, today is also recognized place of worship for Buddhism, which considers it one of the four sacred mountains. It is in reference to this famous mountain which our school is named in correspondence to the five qualities of Wu De (martial virtue) in the traditional Wu Shu: Humility, respect, honesty, trust and loyalty.
Wutai also ties in with the philosophy of the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth, who with Yin Yang are the principles that have greatly influenced the development of traditional Chinese medicine.